How to use color gradient?

Every web designer understands how to use a color picker because this is their primary tool in web design and graphic design. Colors are the main element that is being used in designing a website, so in order to make the website look great, the designer must have a deeper understanding of color combination, color blending and color variation. Usually, the web page has some borders and separators; this is where color variation is important. The ability of the designer to use an array of color in one project is essential in the overall appearance of the page.

Different ways of using colors in a web page

The following are the methods in which color is used in an actual web page. With these methods, we would have a clearer understanding why color picker or color gradient is important.

  • Group sections of the page – each part of the page must be identified and the only way to separate it from the whole page is to create a border and apply a color on that area to highlight it and be recognized as a unique part of the web page.
  • Make information clearer – often times, colors are used to make the article noticeable. Relevant information about certain issues are often highlighted with a striking color in order to put emphasis to it.
  • Helps in identifying navigational controls – buttons on a web page are usually colored differently from the other colors of the website. To be able to visualize properly all the necessary icons and buttons of a website is very important so as to disseminate proper information to all.
  • Improves the overall website appearance – attractiveness is what makes the website interesting at first look or first impression last. Being able to capture the imagination of the web users is significant in the success of the website itself that is why the application of colors must be properly done.

These are the most common methods that a color picker is used for and all of these techniques are essential in the overall success of the website.

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